'practically totally real, but not'

Staalplaat, 1996, 8 tracks, Compact Disc
Composed by Aernoudt Jacobs during summer to winter 1994-1995



*raw field recordings

*a part of the project qIOEt,

*sound source: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent

and the exhibition 'This is the show and the show is many things'

*perception of spaces, acoustics + manipulation of these elements,

*workshop of 2 weeks, 3 people,

*main input: the sounds they made, mixed with other inputs:

CD-sounds, DAT + recycled sounds from this CD,

*pure electro-acoustic material generated from:

CD, PC-sampling, Jupiter 6, Korg MS-10, loudspeakers, micro's

revox, DAT, PU, ...

*period: 1994-1995,

everything was copied, cutted and pasted.


*practically totally real, but not

Staalplaat 1996, 8 tracks, CD



1 portrait II 02m53s

2 audioclip #4 - word 06m57s

3 audience 02m15s

4 audioclip #2 - stream 09m09s

5 traffic 02m55s

6 DA7,S 14m55s

7 path + der rechte weg 06m10s

8 bypass - information overload 15m42s


Liner notes:

Play loud

slight clicks, tape hiss in places

Caution: Ultra-wide frequency extremes